How to Build an Augmented Reality GPS App

There’s not much to say about maps, really, except they have a ton of utility features. For example, they can display points of interest and the user’s location, allow you to measure distances and get traffic updates. Location-based AR apps can work only if geopositioning and augmented reality technologies are implemented correctly and show precise data. This type of AR app uses special geo markers, also called points of interest. The majority of modern augmented reality products are marker- or location-based. In this article, we’ll mostly be talking about location-based AR mobile applications.

Un-optimized 3D assets use excessive memory which creates long load times, poor overall performance and crashes. Optimizing assets remedies these issues without compromising asset fidelity. Developers can try texture compression,Level of Detail systems and creating efficient mesh representations to help optimize these assets.


Andrii is always on the look for new technologies and keen on innovation, and tries to bring both to each project of his. As a team leader he is always ready to help up with any kind of issues. MAXST Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for tracking and mapping environments.

how to build a gps linked augmented reality app

Capturing the attention of gamers of all ages, it allows users to capture the visual creatures that are superimposed throughout the real world, visible through the device’s camera. After providing the access to the app to use their phone cameras, users can see the boxes pop up how to build a gps app for businesses or services nearby wherever they point their camera at. The latest AR Kit 2 allows several users to cooperate with each other in a single virtual environment. Apple also introduced a new USDZ format that enables developers to share and create AR items easily.

How to make money with a location-based AR app

The retail sphere was one of the first to adopt AR and geopositioning technologies to improve sales and brand awareness. IKEA hit gold with their IKEA Place app that allows users to see how furniture would look in their home. With the release of iOS 11, owners of the newest models of iPhones got access to applications built on ARKit – a toolkit which simplifies the process of working with augmented reality. Involve quality assurance experts to ensure that features developed by software engineers work correctly and imply zero bugs. To begin developing a new AR application, software engineers need to have a backlog of tasks.

how to build a gps linked augmented reality app

Optimize your digital products or build the latest, on-demand solutions today with our diverse range of software solutions. Overcome the struggles of developing scalable software solutions. Leverage our end-to-end digital solutions to build impressive products. At Biztech, we infuse innovation with technology to build futuristic solutions. Our expertise lies in building sustainable software solutions. Many similar games have been developed since the release of this one.

Future of Indoor Navigation: Increasing Accuracy and Detail

With a basic AR scene set up, it’s time to start interacting with the real world using a hit test. In this section, you program a hit test and use it to find a surface in the real world. Run the app; on your development device, visit work/index.html. You should see your camera feed with cubes floating in space whose perspective changes as you move your device. Tracking improves the more you move around, so explore what works for you and your device.

  • If you remember, we like to recommend kicking off projects with an interactive prototype — a clickable representation of your app.
  • Your work directory also already includes the app code (app.js).
  • When the app identifies a specific point of interest, it triggers AR elements.
  • We’ll also discuss developing an SDK to sell to your customers for their own mapping solutions.
  • Understanding size and distance is also a vital part of the process.
  • If you are a tech startup, you most probably want to launch a unique app that does something entirely new with this futuristic technology.

If you want to create an app that uses GPS for some novel use case, and the location is one of the core features, I advise you to start with a minimum functional prototype . Well, what if you want to build an app with geolocation using Flutter, React Native, or some other cross-platform framework? You’ve already opted for a solution that allows you to create both apps faster and on a smaller budget. So, you’d obviously like to stick with a single technology that would work across Android and iOS ecosystems, right? Google Maps is the choice then, simply because Apple does not offer any geo tooling for Android.

AR SDK Comparison Table

In this case, it is possible to use the signal from cell towers. They help to determine the position of the device without using satellites. When you use a shopping application, it adapts the deals to your current location and shows the closest local shopping facility. When you want to check a weather forecast, it is likely that you need to know about a specific location. Special software sees where you are currently located, so it automatically shows the most appropriate results.

By using optimized 3D assets, developers can streamline the contentiteration processand updates by reducing load times and improving workflow efficiency. Developers can manage, test and deploy 3D models faster and more efficiently. These apps require seamless performance and responsiveness before the end-user closes the app and moves on to something else. By optimizing 3D assets,developers can reduce polygon count, file size and textures while maintaining a stream less visual appearance. There are a huge number of available augmented reality software development kits out there. However, rather than wade through every single one, here are some of the best to get started with.

Augmented Reality in iOS Apps: ARKit Development Guide

Biological data — Health sensors help measure the data about a live object, including the heart rate or temperature. However, the way AR apps work in a nutshell is more complicated. Integration with third-party tools like Unity and Unreal Engine. Visual Inertial Odometry allowing to track en environment accurately without any additional calibration.

how to build a gps linked augmented reality app

Marker-based AR apps are simpler to develop and have innumerable business use cases. They don’t require implementation of complex technologies and so have a lower development cost as compared to other types of AR apps that process on advanced Artificial Intelligence. If you are a tech startup, you most probably want to launch a unique app that does something entirely new with this futuristic technology. In this case, you can choose to fill a market gap with this technology, support a business domain that previously lacked AR integrations or simply, come up with an AR-supported game.

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The type of augmented reality app you want to launch totally depends on your business requirements. Finally, once released, your app will need periodic updates to make sure the new changes in map SDKs or mobile OS updates don’t break any functionality in the app. In terms of adding more options, I’d say a well-designed and executed location feature needs as few add-ons as possible. Unless customers are literally sending you money, begging for more whistles. Tinder and other dating apps match users by location without even having a map screen .

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