Cucumber Testing A Comprehensive Guide

By using Selenium, tests can be regrouped and refactored according to the needs. Not to mention, it also allows the testers to use a range of IDEs such as Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio among many others. Extended project timelines, especially in planning and requirements documenting What is Cucumber phases. As we run the above command, test case execution starts in the LambdaTest platform in different browsers. In the generated lambdatest-config.json file, fill in the required values in the section lambdatest_auth, browsers, and run_settings to run your tests.

Check out our post on reducing maintenance for automated tests. It is difficult to manage test cases and test scripts which potentially change with monthly updates. Selenium has a native currency of features, enabling you to control browsers wherever they control precisely what happens on each page. The best part about Selenium is that the output looks exactly like what happens on the computer screen . You run Cucumber tests manually at the beginning of the project before using Selenium.

What Is Chaos Testing, And Do I Need It?

Cucumber’s behavior-driven development library for Java Script is downloaded over half a million times every month. If you have business testers on the team, they would likely prefer to use Cucumber — or another BDD framework, like Quantum — since can be used without coding knowledge . Every time we implement a step definition using a new framework, it’s like introducing a new noun or verb into our language. In this way, we share the ownership of this language; we improve it, and we maintain it. Tests are written based on user stories and system behavior corresponding to the user story in English using annotations like Given, When, Then. It serves as the automated test for test scripts and documentation for the project itself.

What is Cucumber user for

By not strictly folliwing this rule, it will be difficult to maintain when extended. Our own product companies, created and launched by our internal incubator, KMS Studio. KMS Solutions Serving the APAC region, our teams help you bring your financial service-oriented technology solutions to life. Get an analytical understanding of the technology situation you’re stepping into.

Which language is used in cucumber?

BDD also acts as project documentation for all modules and functionalities. As a result, many of the existing defects get eradicated yet at this point. In addition, the resulting time savings can also be quite significant. As a rule, a functional specification provides a greater depth of detail for the workflows to be supported by your application.

What is Cucumber user for

Codeception is a full-stack testing framework that achieves unit testing, API testing, and functional testing in addition to BDD testing. JBehave is a foremost Java-based BDD framework and other JVM languages, such as Groovy, Kotlin, and Scala. In this Cypress Cucumber tutorial, we will dive deep into using Cucumber with Cypress to write tests more efficiently and easily. You can also find documentation on the command line possibilities infeatures/docs/cli. Both developers and testers develop test Scripts with a mutual understanding. For software testing, Reporting and Documentation are essential.


You can enhance your Cucumber tests by adding features like data tables, screenshots, and more. These features can help you make your tests more robust and easier to understand. You can also use other tools to help write and run your Cucumber tests. For example, you can use a tool like Cucumber Studio to help manage your project’s Cucumber tests.

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We map the test methods written in the step definition file with the test step written in the feature file. This is a programming language file (.java or .rb) that maps the steps which are defined in the feature file. Each scenario contains a Given When Then format and according to the definition, we create methods in the step definition file to perform the tasks accordingly. Cucumber works by reading our specifications from plain English text files called feature files.

Companies using Cucumber

I have experience with tools like JMeter, Saucelabs, Selenium, Cypress, TestRail, NightwatchJS & Webdriverio. In the below screenshot, we can see both test case .feature files displaying in the Cypress test runner. In this section of this Cypress Cucumber tutorial, we will install and set up Cucumber and create a feature file to perform testing. QA Team converts Gherkin statements into automated tests (.feature file).

What is Cucumber user for

We have several frameworks, from Cucumber to Behave, that can automate your Gherkin acceptance criteria. Another example may be supposed we want to create records into the database or set up the database, so in the Given statement, we can give the below detail. The below diagram gives us a summary of the steps involved in the BDD workflow.

Benefits Of BDD In Cucumber Framework

Test code behind the Gherkin is written in proper programming languages for the project. Cucumber testing is a behavior-driven development approach to testing software. This means that tests are written in a simple, natural language that anyone can understand. In contrast, traditional testing approaches are typically code-based. There are many different types of testing, but Cucumber testing is one of the most popular approaches.

  • If you’re interested in learning more about software testing, BDD, TDD, Cucumber — or just want to say hi — you can get in touch with me via email.
  • This will help you keep your Cucumber tests organized and ensure that only the scenarios you want to run are executed.
  • Improve overall quality with our experienced software development resources.
  • In the next section of this Cypress Cucumber tutorial, let’s see how we can implement the BDD framework on cloud Cypress Grid.
  • Then syntax can only be used in conjunction with the When syntax.
  • In the generated lambdatest-config.json file, fill in the required values in the section lambdatest_auth, browsers, and run_settings to run your tests.

Another way to enhance your Cucumber tests is to take screenshots. In this example, the Scenario Outline defines a login feature that will be tested with three different data sets. You can also integrate the HeadSpin platform with other tools such as Jira and Slack.

Generating Reports

Behavior-Driven Development is a development approach that promotes communication between team members. This collaborative approach brings together the business and technical aspects of projects. BDD simulates how an application should behave from the end user’s perspective. The main goal of implementing BDD testing is to improve collaboration between developers, QA, DevOps, PO, BA, and other stakeholders.

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